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Victoria’s not-so-secret bra show

Victoria’s not-so-secret bra reveal

Victoria's not-so-secret below garment show

Victoria Lobov, the 47-year-old Russian wife who has become a bigger in size than run of the mill star on both and SCORELAND, returns for a very tit-focused photo set and episode.

“Today is undergarment brandish day,” Victoria tells us, and that babe continues to put on a bra flaunt in the great outdoors. One after one more, the bras go on and come off, and we see how priceless those bras look on Mrs. Lobov’s slim ‘n’ full-bosomed body. We likewise see how good her body looks when she’s not wearing a undergarment. Her marangos are so firm and pointy; they could put your eyes out.

Victoria finishes off the expose by getting undressed, lying back and banging her constricted slit with a very big toy. She’s so hawt, so fleshly. She indeed is the dream trophy wife.

40SOMETHING: Victoria, u look especially Big-Boob cuz your waist is so dunky.

Victoria: Thanks. I appreciate it.

40SOMETHING: Whose idea was it to get greater bra-busters, yours or your husband’s?

Victoria: It was always his idea, but I always thought it was a nice idea as well. It looks fetching. Your glamourous clothing fit perfectly. If you lose weight, they stay the same. You do not need to worry about losing your boobs. And I receive lots of attention. People admire me. Some folks hate you, mostly hotty’s. They judge sometimes. Males just appreciate it.

40SOMETHING: If u went back to Russian Federation and saw people you knew back then, they would not recognize you, would they?

Victoria: No. They wouldn’t. I was much thinner and I did not have those.

40SOMETHING: What do you love foremost about having big bra buddies?

Victoria: I love how I look, and I like how my bras get filled up, and I appreciate the attention as well, but primarily it is for me.

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