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Torri is engaged. This guy isn’t her fiance.

Torri is engaged. This boy isn’t her fiance.

Torri is engaged. This lad isn't her fiance.

Torri Lee, a 51-year-old MILF from South Florida, is engaged to be married, but in advance of the large day, she came to our studio to receive fucked each which way by our studs. That babe even take a bigger than standard penis up her arse (although that is a story for another day, some other scene).

But it’s not as if Torri’s fiance expects to have her all to himself when they tie the knot. No way. That ship sailed a ages agone. Torri and her stud are swinger couples. Have been for about four years. That babe is had group-sex in which four guys took turns on her. We forgot to ask whether her fiance was one of those lads. Does it truly matter?

Torri enjoys mouthing penis and having her beefy slit eaten. When she was Fourty nine years old, this babe had a 24-year-old repair chap come to her abode. That babe tempted him. That buck came back later and came all over her.

Torri works for a health care insurance company as a case manager. This babe usually initiates sex, which isn’t so surprising considering this babe is usually bored with out her mind at work and needs some rod or cum-hole to brighten her day. Here, rod and a cum discharged in her throat brighten her day. Welcome, Torri.

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