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The Skin-Tight Suit

The Skin-Tight Costume

The Skin-Tight Suit

Roxi Red is not from Texas but this babe sure does have Texas-sized natural bumpers. Checking herself out in a mirror, Roxi admires her breathtaking figure in a purple catsuit that clings to her stylish skin love plastic wrap.

Roxi can’t live out of a gent who pays attention and is a valuable listener. “I adore to have a positive attitude. I like to know a person in advance of we become allies. I enjoy bonkers compliments and people with a positive attitude about things.”

A member of the 20 Club, models whose bust size exceeds their waist measurments by Twenty inches, Roxi says that watching her clips and looking at her photo shoots makes her desire more sex in her relationships back home. This babe said that babe hasn’t done the deed watching her movies with a lad. This babe is only watched ’em alone. Her latest convert at SCORELAND was JMac who was in awe of Roxi’s major boobage in “Roxi Red Vs JMac.”

“I feel an wondrous amount of jealousy for any Lothario that receives to receive his hands on her remarkable bumpers. I don’t care if it’s a bra fitter, porn stud, spouse, whoever,” Boobhound commented.

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