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The Loser Bags A Stunning Babe

The Loser Bags A Stunning Sweetheart

The Loser Bags A Stunning Babe

A little over a minute into this video, Gem takes off her top and petticoat, revealing a super-tight, super-curvy body in a dark bra and hawt matching briefs. At this point, a normal Lothario would express some admiration for Gem–or as the Loser always refers to it, “what we’re working with here.” But not the Loser, who doesn’t say a word, leaving Gem to stand there awkwardly, awaiting for some glimmer of approval. Finally, when Gem has all of her sexy garments off, the Loser says, “Awesome. Great body. Very hawt.” But it appears to be love too little, too late, especially for a hot piece of wazoo like Gem.

Several basic facts about Gem. That babe is from England. This babe is Twenty one years mature. This is her first scene. She’s 165 centimeters tall and weights Fifty four kilos. That is 5’4″, 119 pounds for these of u in the United States side of the pond. She’s a little girl, but that babe apparently has a bigger than typical throat ‘coz this babe practically face holes the Loser, which might not be saying much but is definitely saying smth. A worthwhile added touch is how Gem sucks the Loser’s jock through his boxers. This gal definitely has a future.

The Loser clearly has no future as a porn director or videographer, as this scene clearly proves. That buck sets back the art of POV Videography two-dozen years with some digital camera work that takes us right without the action or likewise close to the act. But, as ordinary, there is enough here to keep us jacking. The oral-stimulation scene. The way Gem looks at the camera. Her hairless cum-hole, which indeed merits more valuable. But, hey, this is amateur stuff, right? And if we wanted pro-amateur porn, there is a lot of that out there. So, the Loser gets the job done, the hotty gets laid and has a scene to add to her resume and we get off. So who’s complaining?

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