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The first interview

The 1st interview

The first interview

Ten years ago, a 59-year-old looker with long, dark hair and a mind blowing body strolled into our studio for the first time. Nobody including her, could have guessed that 10 years later, she’d be one of the high-reaching and most-popular old sex stars in the world: hundreds of thousands of followers, a multi-time magazine covergirl and dozens of mag and DVD credits.

“I probably would’ve just laughed,” Rita told when we asked her how that babe would have responded if anybody had told her back then that she’d be a star. “I truly did not know it was intend to be such a fun adventure. I’ve had lads in airports come up to me and say, ‘Oh my god, you’re Rita Daniels.’ I’ve had tons of firsts with the SCORE Group, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for 10 years of all these firsts.”

Indeed, we’re the ones who are thanking Rita for 10 spectacular years. This babe is 69 now and, as this babe said, half-jokingly, “doing 69s all the time!”

Here at, we’re celebrating 10 years of Rita with a week of this great granny’s greatest hits. This day, from 2009, Rita’s 1st XXX pictures and clip as this babe breaks her hardcore cherry in one of the hottest launch scenes ever. Plus, the video interview that started it all, featuring Rita not solely telling us all about herself but too having her snatch eaten and mouthing weenie and balls for the first time on-camera.

On Monday, from 2010, Rita’s first interracial anal scene with super-hung gent Lucas Stone and his larger than run of the mill, darksome cock.

Wednesday, from 2014, Rita’s 1st Dual Penetration…ever.

This all leads up to the greater than typical event next Wednesday and Thursday at Rita Daniels air-tight…one in her face hole, one in her muff and one in her booty at the same time for the first time.

And it all started when…well, we’ll let Rita tell it.

“A talent scout who had submitted some beauties to The SCORE Group asked if I’d be interested in doing that, and I laughed and told, ‘Oh, yes, sure, they’re going to wish a 59-year-old lady.’ I thought it was some kind of a joke. But I likewise thought, ‘Well, let us give it a discharged. I doubt if they’re gonna take me.’

“And lo and behold, I got a letter back that The SCORE Group wanted me to fly to Miami to do a shoot. So I thought, ‘Okay, let us give it a try,’ and 10 years later, I’m still here shooting for The SCORE Group. I thought it was intend to be a one-time discharged. I did not have any plans or grand ideas about being a illustrious adult star or everything love that. I did it ‘cuz I could. Coz I was invited by u boys.”

We’re cheerful we did.

Rita said that before that 1st discharge, “I was shaking, I was so nervous, and luckily my first discharge was with Levi Specie, and he’s such a hot stud, and this fellow was accustomed in shooting. This chab helped me out so much, posing me in different poses. I just looked deep into his blue eyes, and I didn’t even realize the digi camera was rolling or somebody else was there except me and him. It was indeed mindblowing. I was very nervous, but it was exciting and pleasure at the same time.”

Just like that, Rita was hooked on screwing on-camera.

“When I was getting my makeup on that first time, I was looking throughout the magazines and wondering, ‘Am I gonna be in this mag some day? I sure hope so!’ And I’m so lucky that u chose me to be on the cover of the inaugural issue of 60PLus M.I.L.F.S. magazine. I was completely blown away when I saw myself on the cover of that mag. I was adore, ‘Wow, I am a covergirl!’ I was very honored. So at that point, I knew, ‘This is what I wanna keep doing. I wanna keep making porn. I desire to be a obscene naughty gal.”

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