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Sophia Sutra – Blue Collar Groupie

Blue Collar Groupie

Blue Collar Groupie

This day we’re bringing you a little hardcore act from our sister web page 18eighteen.

“There’s something about blue collar boyz that turns me on so much. U know, repairmen and plumbers and gardeners. I am not sure why I am so attracted to ’em. Maybe it’s ‘cuz they’re worthwhile with their hands. Or maybe it is ‘coz my parents would be so made water to view I was with a Lothario who was anything less than an Ivy League graduate. All I know is that they know how to receive me off the way I love it. They’re not plan to treat me love a crystal trinket that’ll break beneath the slightest pressure. I like it a little rough, a little obscene. And that is how they give it to me.”

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