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Sindy’s Anal Ambition

Sindy’s Anal Ambition

Sindy's Anal Ambition

There’re many reasons a lady resolves to adult model for or We’ve heard just about all of ’em. Some vixens do it ‘coz they’re exhibitionists. Others do it to please their spouse or significant other. Some do it out of curiosity. Some do it ‘coz they just got divorced and crave to turn loose their wild side. We’ve had hotties who visited us to have a last fling before getting married. And some babes are swingers who love having sex with as many different people as possible.

Sindy Silver came to ‘coz “I wanted to watch if I could take one of your big-dicked bucks up my arse.”

Sindy is a divorced Mom of four, but the kids are with out the abode now so she is free to do soever she pleases. And one of these things this babe pleases is getting ass-fucked by-you guessed it!-one of our big-dicked chaps.

“I was a swinger for a while cuz the lad I was seeing loved to view me get fucked by other dudes,” told Sindy, who lives in Washington State. “My wildest swinging experience was when I was at Gang Gangbang Friday and they put the spotlight on me. When I was done, I noticed the entire lap dancing club had gathered around me. Everybody was clapping. I had cum trickling off my face and all over my whoppers. I lost count of how many bucks I fucked that night. Five, 10, Twenty. Maybe more.”

Gang Group action Friday? Hmmm…do they have glad hour?

“It’s always pleased hour at Gang Bang Friday,” said Sindy, who should know.

Furthermore, as we said, there’re many reasons a woman comes to a completion to adult model for And if getting ass-fucked is Sindy’s reason, that is worthy by us.

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