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Sierra Nevadah – Happy Birthday!

Glad Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

“These fotos were taken by my hubby on my birthday,” Sierra told us. “He surprised me that afternoon with a good pearl necklace. Not the bawdy kind! I do not love these ‘coz I would rather him finish in my cookie or in my mouth. In any case, he was so thoughtful and so fine to me that day, so I decided to treat him to a photo-shoot. He’s been barking up that tree for an entire year. He wanted to do it on my 18th, likewise. I finally came around ‘coz of that glamourous necklace. I guess I am a sucker for that.”

“I actually didn’t know what to expect when this smooth operator showed me those pics. I was set to make him delete ’em, truly. But when he called me over to his computer, I was surprised. I did not know he was a precious sufficient photographer to make me look that sexy! By the time this chab suggested submitting the pictures to u bucks I was absolutely on board. I mean, there was no way you could turn these down! He laughs at me because the check u studs sent us was for more than the necklace cost. I still adore it, though!”

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