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Sharon Pink – Pink Power

Pink Vigour

Pink Power

If Sharon Pink hadn’t become a porno star, she’d have become a talent agent or a producer. She is in deep–deep pink–in the adult world in Europe.

Sharon loves sex and gets plenty of it as a adult star. “I must meet a lot of messy boyz with big rods and powerful sex drives that I’d not at any time meet. That is how studs stand out. It doesn’t matter how much specie or power a Lothario can have. It’s how that Lothario satisfies a lady. I know honeys who dont rate sex so important in their lives but to me it is very important, the quality and the quantity. I am an assertive bitch cutie and I need unbending banging. I have had sex with other chicks and it was great but so different compared to banging with a buck.”

Sharon’s sex drive appears to be to get stronger and stronger. “The more sex cream a chap can give me, the more fine. I love to gulp as much as I can.”

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