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Sha Rizel – Deep Red

Unfathomable Red

Deep Red

Mr. B.B. of Iowa is currently the solely petticoat chaser in the world who owns a brassiere worn and signed by Sha Rizel. (The contest was originally announced in February ’15 SCORE magazine.) We do not know about B.B. but if we had Sha’s undergarment, we’d talk about it when visiting below garment stores and lingerie departments. It is a glamorous priceless conversation starter.

B.B. did write upon receiving his prize in the mail, “In regards to winning Sha Rizel’s brassiere, what a thrill that’s to have the merely one on this planet. Afresh, thanks and Sha. She’s one of a kind. “I can not tell you how brilliant it was for you to have the underneath garment contest. I know the boyz who have won ’em, myself included, are the luckiest lads on this planet.”

Sha doesn’t wear a underneath garment in “Deep Red.” Instead, that babe wears a fancy red body stocking with an unusual design under a jacket. Sha doesn’t keep them on very long. Previous to even three minutes are up, Sha’s taken it all off and is completely bare although that babe leaves her very high heels on.

“Sometimes fellows are with their girlfriend or wife and they receive avid when their men stare at me. I suppose that’s funny.”

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