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Sara Jay

Sara Jay Sara Jay
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Let’s face it, some of our Moms are indeed nuts. Take Zac’s Mama, Sara Jay. She is an unabashed Dark Wang Whore, as her son knows all too well. He’s witnessed the cheating his Mama pulled while his parents were together, and now that Dad’s left the abode, it’s merely gotten worse. Sara doesn’t care who’s around to view now — if there’s a dark-skinned petticoat chaser around, Sara’s intend to figure out a way to screw him. So when the AC repairmen finish up their work on a sexy summer day and catch Sara masturbating in the backyard, they know they’re in for a real treat.Her son is such a pervert, he’ll look at and jerk it, also. His perversions are merely surpassed by Sara Jay, who takes the three bulls on until they drain their balls wherever they please. Sara’s a cumdumpster by the time it’s all told and done…which makes for a cheerful Mom and son.
Sara Jay Sara Jay
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