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Road Trip Flasher

Road Voyage Flasher

Road Voyage Flasher

Sorry about the instruct of these fotos, boys. We got this submission from Emily’s hubby last minute and that man seemed kind of nervous about us publishing ’em, so we hurried ’em online as quickly as possible!

Emily’s buck said that it was Emily who proposed a drive through the countryside. It was his idea to bring along the digital camera, though. “I had just taken in nature’s garb images of her a couple of days before we took these pics, so it was still recent on our minds,” that buck told us. “When I suggested that she undress down on the picnic tables, she was nervous! I told her to try out all of the poses that models do and she did them.”

After all of these years of oozing Wicked Neighbors and, we have learned a hardly any things. First, each beauty is a hidden freak. You have just gotta know how to receive it out of her. Second, there’re some things that girls just know inherently. Each hotty knows how to do that arms-crossed shirt removal technique, and every hotty knows how to pose sexy for a digi camera, even if it is their first time. It is nature.

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