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Ria Sakuragi – East Meets Breast

East Meets Breast

East Meets Breast

Ria Sakuragi is a beauty from Japan. That babe doesn’t speak English but the banana she is crushing between her bigger in size than average whoppers doesn’t care.

Ria is very skinny so to have mammaries this naturally large is very weird. She’s not as Big-Boob as Hitomi but she’s gracious in her own right. Her areolae are oval shaped and very dark brown with brunette hair nipps. They are very pliable. Ria can bring the areolas up to her face hole and take up with the tongue ’em. From the sounds that babe makes during the time that that babe plays with ’em, they need to be extra-sensitive to the touch.

Ria is new at SCORE and was photographed in Japan so we have never had the fun of indeed collision her love we did Hitomi in Mexico. We’ve been told by our correspondents that she is a fun loving girl-next-door sort with an blow job fixation. Ria appears to be love the sort who’d put out on the 1st date. During the time that there’s no corroboration to support this hypothesis, it would be interesting to test it. The merely drawback would be the long commute from Miami.

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