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Renee Black – What will Scarlet and Renee do to get the job? Anything!

What will Scarlet and Renee do to acquire the job? Everything!

What will Scarlet and Renee do to receive the job? Everything!

When this scene opens, Scarlet Andrews, a 66-year-old wife, Mother and grandmother from Tampa, Florida, is being interviewed for a promotion. Tony, the gent who’s doing the interviewing, tells her he has another candidate to talk to. Turns out that candidate is 52-year-old Renee Dark, and to say Renee and Scarlet don’t acquire along would be an understatement.

“You bimbo! I knew that u would play indecent!” Scarlet says when she walks in on Renee undressing and feeling Tony’s package.

“Unlike my co-worker, I’m ready to go the extra mile,” Renee says.

Well, turns out Scarlet is willing to go the extra mile, too, and what starts as a cock-sucking competition proceeds with one as well as the other ladies offering up their slits for the job and opening their mouths for Tony’s cum.

Yeah, it is a tough world out there. If you want to get ahead, you receive to do things you normally would not do.

Although that doesn’t apply here coz Scarlet and Renee are one as well as the other swinging couples. So this is exactly the kind of thing they’d normally do.

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