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Our newest 70-year-old, Mandy Thai

Our newest 70-year-old, Mandy Thai

Our newest 70-year-old, Mandy Thai

The first appearance of a hawt fresh 70-year-old is a massive event at We’re very proud to introduce Mandy Thai, who was born on the 4th of July, turned 70 just a not many weeks ago and is here to display off her sexy body and, later in the week, screw.

This is Mandy’s week at Solo images today, solo video tomorrow, bonk images on Wednesday and bonk movie on Thursday. The boy she’ll be engulfing and screwing is young sufficient to be her grandson. But first, we’ve to appreciate her impressive body in these hawt poolside images. Mandy, who’s from Thailand, sheds her bathing costume, fingers her love tunnel and opens her gazoo. Her twat features a wonderful growth of hair. She’s rightfully pleasured of her body.

“Older women have experience, and this babe knows what she likes,” Mandy told us. “And that babe has more feeling, and that babe goes with the sex. This babe is not going to just lay there. This babe knows how to please a charmer. Dudes like a female who knows what she’s doing.”

Mandy is that female. That babe lives in California. That babe is divorced. She’s a Mommy and a grandmother. And that babe decided to become an adult model when “a friend of mine thought it would be neat to try it out. I did not know it would be so much joy, also.”

We asked Mandy if the people this babe knows would be surprised to see her here, and this babe said, “Yes, probably when they see how wonderful I look naked.”

Mandy enjoys playing tennis and going for long walks on Malibu Beach. That babe loves males who are confident, intelligent and daring. And this babe describes her flawless evening as “a worthy dinner followed by an evening of oral.”

Mandy, we have already made the reservations!

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