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Nina Elle

Nina Elle Nina Elle
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There’s something incredibly hawt when some other stud is screwing her out in front of your very eyes. Especially when that man is a dark charmer with a meat-thermometer twice as big as yours. It’s so hawt, in fact, some couples go to unbelievable measures to make it happen. Take Nina and her partner Anthony. They’re an open-minded couple who like this sort of activity, and they like to "set up" the Bull. For example, they’ll call for a repair smooth operator to come fix a broken water line in the slaver baths…but there’s no broken water line. There is, however, one hawt and amorous wife sitting in a tub willing to seduce the Bull. And Husband isn’t far behind, ready to view it all go down as well as reward Nina for a job well done. Swallow it all, vixen!
Nina Elle Nina Elle

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