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Nicky White – The second time’s the charm

The second time’s the enchantment

The second time's the charm

“I do tons of out-of-the-ordinary things,” told Nicky White, a 52-year-old divorcee from Seattle, Washington who’s back for her second round of porn knob. “I quit a job and went to Europe for four months. I rented a van and drove around Florida for a month. I do mad, spur-of-the-moment things. I have been bungee jumping, parasailing, SCUBA diving. I have climbed mountains. I have not had an normal life at all. My brother and sister are both married to the same person they’ve always been married to. I have been married three times. I married a buck from another country. I’ve been to Australia. I have had several jobs.”

And now, this babe is a kinda-porn star. We say “kinda” cuz Nicky isn’t likely to become a full-fledged pornstar, screwing and sucking all over the Internet. But this babe is our porno star, a adult star, doing this ‘cuz that babe thought it sounded fun and thrilling.

“And it was!” Nicky said of her first time.

Final time, Nicky told that babe was nervous. This time, that babe doesn’t seem nearly as nervous, and that babe even opens her twat wide in these fotos when there’s not a penis inside of it. This babe also offers up her face for cum.

“Loved it!” Nicky said of the facial, a true porn-star way to end a scene.

Nicky is a Mamma of two and a grandmother of one. That babe works in graphic design.

“This is not the kind of thing I usually do, but I’m always open to recent things,” Nicky told.

Here, she’s open and stuffed!

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