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Misty Knights – Night Sticker

Night Sticker

Night Sticker

A petticoat chaser on a couch is reading a copy of SCORE magazine when a cop barges into his living room. A cop wearing lap dancer heels?

That is no cop.

That’s Misty Knights in her big breasted cop stripper outfit. That babe is a gift from the dude’s buddy and when her dance is over, they receive down and immodest. This stripper fucks her clients too. Fine! Misty is the one who gets busted when this chab busts his nut in her awaiting face hole after they copulate on his sofa. That is what u call a real ally.

How did we discover Misty Knights?

On stage at the Miss Nude Porn contest at Tootsie’s Cabaret in North Miami. As part of her act, Misty pulled out a humongous, cock-shaped dildo with balls that squirted milk when squeezed. Certainly, this babe fucked her cum-hole with it. Then milk-coated Misty screwed herself with a bottle of Bud. This was one of these times when wearing a raincoat if u were sat close to the stage would be advised. What a woman. We saw SCORE movie talent right then and there.

This scene was added to the DVD SCORE Xtra 5.

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