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Mimi Moore – P.T.A. T&A

P.T.A. T&A

P.T.A. T&A

We’re bringing you boys some content from our sister web resource This time they truly asked if they could call up our beauty Mimi Moore, who sent us some shots last year. We obliged, of course, ‘coz we knew that it was Mimi’s fantasy to screw somebody that would not bust in a matter of minutes. Their fellow Tony didn’t frustrate.

“My daughter is in her rebellious high-school phase right now,” Mimi shared. “I’m always being called into her school to speak with the vice-principal. This chab is this tall dark-skinned boy who always wears actually taut slacks. I know it’s awful, but I just want to sit on his penis and bonk him right there in his office. I indeed look forward to my daughter misbehaving now just so I can go watch him. That is why I suggested this photo-shoot. I got really into character.”

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