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Mandi Hart – Voluptuous Xtra 9

Curvaceous Xtra 9

Voluptuous Xtra 9

Mandi Hart lives in Oklahoma and was in fact and all truth a construction worker. Yes, the toolbelt, the flannel shirt and all that.

“I do instrumentation,” Mandi told the employees. “I work on stainless iron tubing. I spend all day oozing lines and doing installations. Sometimes I get to wear a harness strap so that makes me look even greater. Tons of my male co-workers ask to see my fullsome funbags. One man wanted me to enter a moist tee-shirt contest at a local bar. I’ve viewed males just avoid what they’re doing and stare at me as I walk by.”

But below all the work clothes was a curvy gal with voluminous mangos desirous to try smth they do not do in Oklahoma even though her co-workers would be mad to see and jack to. Mandi had seen Buxom magazine and told to herself in the mirror one day, “I can do that.”

Certainly, she can. Mandi was very relaxed and natural, as if that babe had shot porn many times before.

“This was the most gripping thing I have ever done in my life,” told Mandi after her lipstick decorated the dipstick of large Lee, a skillful cocksman. “I used to fantasize and masturbate that I was being photographed having sexy sex with a big-dicked guy, but I not at any time thought it would happen. When I would watch porno clips, all of the hotty were thin blondes with large hair and boob jobs. Then I saw Curvacious magazine and looked at all the honey bunnys in it who have bodies like I’ve. It opened my eyes and made me realize that I could do it likewise. This was just a fling for me and I loved each second of it.”

Alas, youthful Mandi at not time returned for round two of working on man-meat tubing, to our bitter regret, but at least we’ve this scene from Curvaceous Xtra 9.

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