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Liza Biggs – The Body Shop

The Body Shop

The Body Shop

Word to the wise. Donot receive Lisa Biggs angry. That is what auto mechanic Carlos Rios learns when super-busty ravisher Liza comes marching into his repair shop. Liza’s as desirous as all hell over the repair bill for her vehicle. Liza blitzes Carlos with hurricane power over what that babe feels is price gouging. Carlos defends himself out of blowing his kewl. He doesn’t foresee that Liza will be blowing more than his phat very shortly.

Knowing that yelling at Carlos is getting ’em both nowhere, Liza tries a different, lighter, more hands-on approach. Seeing that his eyes are focused on her big zeppelins and shapely chassis, Liza aims her headlights in his direction and turns on her high beams. That babe encourages him to drop his price. At first he is resistant, and holds firm but sometimes it’s a lot more pleasure to reach out and receive a grasp on things than to stand your ground and Liza has what he loves to receive a grip on.

Liza proceeds to encourage him to take her for a ride. Her switching gears from angry to lovely puts the brakes on his refusals and accelerates his sex drive. It is a no-brainer decision and this chab is blinded by her high beams. This chab drops his price and drops his jeans. This babe spreads her cardigan so this chab can check below her hood. After cleaning his pipe, they go for a spin and end up in the back of her lorry. Everybody has a glad ending cuz this is one more hot Liza Biggs scene that induces heavy jacking. Happy motoring and pleased motorboating.

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