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Living the fantasy with Hailey

Living the fantasy with Hailey

Living the dream with Hailey

It is elementary to make fun of the Loser. He’s an elementary target. He asks the cuties stupid questions. This chab cant keep his hand-held camera steady. His digital camera is always straying and picking up things we’re not supposed to watch, like other cameras, photography lights and sexy raiment lying on the floor. Sometimes that gent has a stiff time getting it up. His skin is pink. When a vixen is riding him, this gent sticks his legs out love a corpse. This chab doesn’t make much noise. This ladies man handles the girls as if they’re sacks of groceries.

But the Loser deserves tons of credit, too. For one, that guy has the guts to live out a fantasy that millions of us have had. Second, he always receives it up eventually. This guy usually screws the cuties glamorous wonderful. And this buck cums on their faces. So what if his technical proficiency is a little lacking. Ok, a lot lacking. But he is banging chicks on digi camera. Sexy chicks. And a part of us wants we were him.

This scene, starring Hailey, a 22-year-old from Florida, features the Loser at his majority worthwhile, which means that chap manages to keep himself with out bother. This ladies man doesn’t say much. The shaky digi camera work is at a minimum. There’s no pre-fuck interview. The focus is not quite always on the goddess, which is as it should be.

Hailey has long, dirty-blonde hair and a great butt. This babe measures 34-24-33 and checks in at 5’6″, 102 pounds. That babe sucks jock down to the balls and enjoys it. This babe rides the Loser’s meat-thermometer, rigid. This ladies man copulates her doggie position and that babe moans, “Oh, shag me harder.” A train can be heard in the background. “Yeah, bonk me harder,” this babe says.

And, since we’re saying good things about the Loser, here’s another: This ladies man manages to pull off his most difficult banging position ever as that dude slams Hailey in the piledriver position. That babe opens her legs wider, clearly loving it.

It just goes to brandish you: Even losers have their day.

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