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Lisey Lovely

Lisey Sweet Lisey Sweet
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Lisey makes her Dogfart launch and brings her real-life hot wifing experience with it. Her hubby is away and on a business voyage and to surprise him, this babe decides to bring in 2 full-bosomed men to fill her holes at the same time. Its an typical late-night face time, the ordinary I miss yous then he pays attention shes wearing lingerie. She begins giving him a expose and pretty soon this babe lets him in on a little secret. That dream hes been dying to have, the one where that babe shags 2 lads in front of him? Its about to happen. She keeps her hubby close as the studs receive even closer, sliding their large weenies in and out of her holes. They all take turns with her phone giving him all the foremost angles of the act while he tells her Do whatsoever they say baby. It finishes with three more surprises, two creampies and one youll just get to watch for yourself.
Lisey Sweet Lisey Sweet

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