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Lila’s Bra Show

Lila’s Undergarment Show

Lila's Beneath garment Show

Lila Payne has a selection of bras laid out before her. She’s going to try them on and watch how they fit and how they look. Lila has a tape measure willing to go. “This is a first for me,” Lila says.

Boob intoxication immediately takes effect when Lila lifts up her SCORE tank top for the larger than standard disclose. Her naturals take their place on the list of the world’s great wonders. She re-measures her exposed hooters, then tries on a bikini top. There are the reckoned nipp slides but the top truly holds for the most part.

Lila’s underneath garment show begins. Which one will Lila love the most? After her bra audition ends, Lila gives us the bigger in size than run of the mill kiss-off. But await. There is more. We pursue Lila to the washroom where that babe uses a large cock-toy to play with her mounds.

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