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Lana Sharapova

Lana Sharapova Lana Sharapova
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Lana is full of bad habits. This babe cant seem to stop getting in a predicament. Lately shes been ditching her court-ordered community service. Her parole officer flaunts up to warn her that this is her final chance. That babe had better straighten out or shes going back to jail next time. In the midst of their encounter, Rico and Slim drop by type of like the Kool Assist Smooth operator. Theyre loud, unannounced, and just caused some major damage. When they stop yelling about the bomb weed theyve brought for Lana, they notice Officer Marcelo. And now hes got some questions. Lana isnt 20 one yet, shes 20, which means she isnt legally supposed to have any weed in California. Which too means shes just violated her terms of probation. And her last chance at freedom. Officer Marcelo steps away to call some officers down and Lana, Small and Rico hatch a gonna keep her (and them) from all intend to jail. Lana intercepts his call and bring him back to the group. After giving a kiss Diminutive, that babe climbs on Officer Marcelos lap. Rico starts taking fotos and warns Officer Marcelo if that chap breathes one word about them to anyone that Rico will display Officer Marcelos boss the fotos and say that this chab coercive ’em to have sex during the time that that smooth operator viewed. This woman chaser pleads with Rico to stop and that this chab promises not to say anything. Lana takes the one and the other big schlongs, one after one more in her taut pink arse until shes gaping wide open. Just when Marcello thinks its all over, they have one last incriminating surprise in store!
Lana Sharapova Lana Sharapova

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