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Lala Ivey

Lala Ivey Lala Ivey
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Lala has a gorgeous Spanish trainer. That babe goes to see this coach with a friend from class to acquire extra lessons in speaking Spanish. Today’s lesson is "How to flirt in Spanish". Well her classmate, Chad, gives it a try with her. Como Estas? Ramon, the tutor, says great job, but this chap wishes to indeed show them how guys in Spain pick up hotty’s. Ramon moves in and starts to kiss Lala. I guess the Spanish way of picking up angels is to not talk and just go for it!! At 1st, Chad feels like maybe this Lothario should go and leave these TWO alone…but Lala has a different idea. How do u say Threesome in Spanish?! Lala quickly receives down on her knees and wraps her lips around their rods. One as well as the other fellows take their turns…they pound her miniature little grab, making her cum over and over. That babe handles both knobs with ease and begs for their cum. They cover her in white knob frosting. Not sure she learned much Spanish, but that babe sure got lessons in how to take 2 weenies!
Lala Ivey Lala Ivey
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