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Kayla Ivy

Kayla Ivy Kayla Ivy
Kayla Ivy @
Kayla Ivy’s hormones are raging! That makes sense though, ‘cuz she’s seven month preggo. But Kayla’s hormones are even surprising her! She’s always slutty…so much so Kayla has a stiff time making it throughout the day with out masturbating or looking for penis. And make no mistake about it — all Kayla wishes is white dong! Her baby’s dad is a white boy, and whenever this babe is around one, all Kayla wants to do is fuck. In hopes of finding some type of drug to tame her hormones, she’s gone to her OB/GYN’s office. No luck, but Kayla considers herself a fortunate goddess, ‘cuz she’s going to fuck not one doctor — but two! She’ll suck weenie, eat gazoo, and let the docs rail her previous to one as well as the other of them unload directly into her ultra-tight, preggy vagina!
Kayla Ivy Kayla Ivy
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