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Katy Ann: Star-Spangled Girl

Katy Ann: Star-Spangled Goddess

Katy Ann: Star-Spangled Girl

Wearing a star-spangled bathing dress, Katy Ann salutes the red, white and blue, her own specific way to celebrate the 243rd anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

“I started with a little glamour photoshoot for Playboy. They were doing a little casting, and I did ‘Girls of New York.’ It didn’t go anywhere, but I had a little feather in my cap and bragging rights to say, ‘Oh, yep, I was a Playboy model’ for a little bit. But that was about it. I kept it beneath wraps. Nobody found out about it. People always say, ‘Oh, if you do this, everybody’s gonna investigate.’ Well, nobody discovered out what I did. So it’s just more exposing myself to the world, literally and figuratively.

Finding brassieres that fit and give Katy Ann the support this babe urges is a defiance, as it’s for many girls at SCORELAND.

“It is so subrigid to go to a department store, and the ladies who work there, I feel love they’re uncomfortable. They’ll see my milk shakes and stare at me with their throats wide open. ‘Uh, uhhh…’ Having milk sacks this big calls for custom bras coz I have a petite band and marvelous massive cups. Tons of department stores do not carry that. I haven’t gotten any bras from overseas, but I do prefer custom bras. I can buy them off the rack, but I have to get measured. I just can not go on Amazon unless I’ve been pre-measured by that brand and have bought that undergarment. I love Panache. I wear a 32J-cup in that, and they lift and separate the angels love none other.”

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