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Joanne Price is right!

Joanne Price is right!

Joanne Price is right!

When Joanne Price strided into our studio for the 1st time, she hadn’t had sex with someone but her boyfriend for 48 years. She’d had sex with merely two males in her complete life.

Well, first, Joanne drilled Juan. And now, Joanne is fucking Sergio. So do the math: Half of the men Joanne has had sex with in her 64 years are dudes.

“I feel adore such a wild lady!” Joanne said. “I used to only have 2. Now I have four!”

And will the people back home in her petite town in Illinois inspect?

“I live in a dunky town where everyone knows every other’s business,” Joanne told.
“They’re a little backwards. They’re old-fashioned. They do not display themselves out in public. If u go out half-uncovered, they’ll think you’re mad. If you wear something also revealing, they’ll think, ‘She’s terrible.'”

Hmmmm…fucked by a stranger for all the world to see and ending up with her face covered in cum. We don’t know about the people back home in Illinois, but we think Joanne is great.

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