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Janne Hollan – Bumper Shock

Bumper Shock

Bumper Shock

Her curves will not end. The bigger in size than run of the mill handsome lady covergirl of October ’12 V-mag is a customer service rep for a car company and we’d wager the bank that Janne can sell any car she craves to any customer she chooses. Who could possibly say no? See those lines. That chassis. These state-of-the-art zeppelins. Those massive headlights. Who wouldn’t wanna take this chesty blond out for a test drive in the country?

Janne is your archetypal kind of goddess although she’s athletic nothing like an normal girl. “I love cooking and baking and meeting with allies. I like traveling and discovering fresh things. I love in-line skating and plan to the Health Club. I enjoy all kinds of dancing and trying pole lap dancing. Sometimes I check out ice hockey.”

‘What is hot to me in a woman chaser is a good booty in fine pants and a manly, deep voice. I love a guy who has original ideas and invents something interesting on the first date so I can dream about the second date. That smooth operator is not crude and abusive. He’s meaty and gentlemanly.”

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