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Interracial creampied mother of four

Interracial creampied Mom of four

Interracial creampied Mother of four

After 43-year-old divorcee/mom/realtor sucked weenie during the time that being interviewed and filthy-talked her way through her hardcore debut–a trio with 2 guys–you probably wondered, “What can this hot, colossal boobed, large butted honey bunny do for an encore?” The answer: a creampie scene with a hung, darksome Lothario. Now, to refresh your memory, Heather was born in Fresh Jersey and now lives in Las Vegas, where she’s taking advantage of anything Sin City has to offer. She used to be an investment banker in Recent York City, which seems to be a bit normal for a lady love her. Then that babe was a dancer in Las Vegas, which seems more her speed. We’re not surprised that babe is a realtor because domme realtors tend to be very saucy. That babe is a Mom of four. She can’t live without flashing boyz during the time that driving on the highway. And that babe does this great tongue-flicking thing when she’s giving head. But to watch that, you’ll have to observe her movies. “I’m divorced and excited,” Heather told. “I adore to copulate. If I had a nine-to-five job, I couldn’t copulate as often. I get lascivious 1st thing each morning. I masturbate anywhere I can and bonk whenever the opportunity arises.” A bit more about Heather: This babe plays tennis and basketball and enjoys bowling. She likes watching basketball, hockey and football. Her hobbies include exotic dancing, shopping, pedicures, “walking my doggies,” reading books on finance and “enjoying the feel of a man’s cum trickling down my leg.” That’s a hobby? “I’ve done lots of crazy stuff, but I’d have to say the maddest was having sexy with a college ladies man in his early Twenty’s in a cheap motel. The morning after, that charmer called me and told me his Mommy worked the drive-thru window at a local fast food chain, so the morning after I tag-teamed the shit out of him and rode his big schlong, his Mother was handing me a burger and fries in a bag and saying, ‘Thanks. Have a wonderful day.’ I said to myself, ‘Thanks to your son, I will.'” Have a admirable day. Thank’s to Heather, you will.

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