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Goin’ Greek-style

Goin’ Greek-style

Goin' Greek-style

Beautiful Sandra Star‘s massive balcony hypnotizes Matt and, of course, he can’t keep his hands and mouth off her massive mams but he has to so Sandra can play his skin flute and lick and suck his nut-bag. The video has an extreme close-up of Sandra’s worshipful ball-sucking. Sandra wants tongue action too so she lies back on the couch and spreads her sexy legs wide open and pulls aside her panties.

Licking gives Sandra a lady boner and her coosie is now soaked. She is more than ready for a hot poke in the pink, and from there they make the switch-o change-o to her butthole. Sandra bounces on his cock in a reverse cowgirl anal pounding that’s really spectacular. They only put their fucking on pause once so Sandra can tit-fuck him.

As Sandra told us when she was 23, “I love anal sex! It is a very big part of my sex life. I know that makes me a very naughty girl but there are two sides to me.”

Once again, Sandra puts the Star in Sandra Star. When we first met her, she was a university student. Now she’s got a Masters degree in the pleasures of steamy sexing.

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