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Emily Anderson – Voluptuous Xtra #10

Voluptuous Xtra #10

Voluptuous Xtra #10

Emily Anderson buys breast jism that allegedly works overnight. She shows her gent the jar of breast enlargement cream this babe has rubbed on her scones. This chab tells her that the ram will never work and goes to sleep. When this chap wakes up, that chap sees that Emily’s top has come unbuttoned because her bigger than standard mambos have burst it open. The cream works! She’s now the contented owner of stupendous mangos. Previous to this chab wakes Emily up to bonk her, that smooth operator plays with her mambos and lines her up to slip his weenie in betwixt ’em. This chab will layer real breast spunk on her jugs of joy after this smooth operator has her bawdy cleft.

After this XXX episode, Emily talked to an editor about her bigger than run of the mill mellons. “I think each lad who sees them, their jaws drop. They can’t live with out to touch them, play with them and, u know, do what u chaps call tit screwing. And plenty of pulling, sucking and tugging on ’em. My areolas are highly sensitive. I get like instantly damp. Instantly trickling. I receive so damp just from anybody touching them or sucking on ’em. If the fabric rubs the right way on my nipples, I receive rock hard in a second and really soaked down there. They kind of move and jiggle when I walk if I do not have a brassiere on, so yeah, I suppose you could say my nipples are always rock hard and I am always wet!”

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