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Elle MacQueen – Bush Baby Elle

Bush Baby Elle

Bush Baby Elle

Thirty-one-year-old Elle is our Bush-Baby this month. This babe told us that eventually she’s plan to shave. Is that a shame? Is that a precious thing? It depends on who u ask. “I’ve had blokes who swore they were converted into loving pubes cuz they took a run at me. I’ve also had blokes who said me that they’d bonk, but they could not at all date a bitch gal with hair. I think angel is in the eye of the beholder,” Elle said us.

“I used to work as a pole dancer a lengthy time agone,” Elle continued. “But I gave that up. It was so gripping, but it wasn’t the most-stable job. I was the solely dancer who had panties full of pubes, but that often worked to my advantage. There were loads of 18-year-old beauties lap dancing next to me, and they had their fair share of suitors, but the old businessmen preferred me. That was wonderful, by the way. They had more cash to spend on lap dances! Plus, I could grab their wrists and guide their fingers through my curlies. That always got me a scarcely any extra quid!”

We’re sorry that Elle is plan to eventually shave. Still, we asked her to take images when that babe does. Shaven love tunnel is more wonderful than no snatch, right?

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