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Brianna Costello – Brianna Costello’s Special Bra

Brianna Costello’s Peculiar Underneath garment

Brianna Costello's Special Bra

SCORE identified the charming and bodaciously big breasted Brianna Costello at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. Brianna was handing out calendars at an exhibit. A SCORE editor attending the reveal saw her, chatted her up and the rest is greater than run of the mill boob history.

Very bubbly, bright and energetic, Brianna wanted to become a broadcaster. We can picture her as a sexy reporter or meteorologist in a taut suit and heels.

“All they cared about at broadcasting school was my large melons. At the school, I was having a lot of a predicament getting positive looks about my broadcasting ability instead of looks…well, looks that told my larger than average melons meant I was not skilled to do everything, not even change the dicks on a television. One time another time, people were judging me because of my large billibongs. It happens all the time.”

So Brianna became an entertainer instead. TV’s loss is the breast-world’s gain.

Brianna is very boob-conscious. Her scoops are a large part of her life. That babe described how a fellow should treat ’em.

“Mostly by touching the whole boob and making the sand-dollars feel supplementary hot, and the way you do that is by licking with tongue ’em lightly, then engulfing on the complete boob, everywhere. On top, beneath. Don’t miss an inch of my billibongs. Suck ’em everywhere. I know majority boyz only wanna engulf on the areolas, so I get to tell them, ‘Come on, try to acquire my whole boob in your throat!’ Nobody has ever been pro to do it, but I adore when they try!”

While Brianna can’t live without to keep on the move, the Tennessee-born brunette hair currently (as of 2013) dances at a well-known lap dancing club in Webster, Massachusetts called Mario’s Showplace. Brianna is the numero-uno dancer there, of course. U can watch why in this video.

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