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Brandii’s SoCal pickup

Brandii’s SoCal pickup

Brandii's SoCal pickup

Brandii Banks is cruising a Southern California neighborhood on a sunny afternoon. What’s this hot 41-year-old doing? The same thing millions of guys have done but in reverse: She’s looking for a hot Lothario to pick up and copulate, and when that babe sees him, that babe asks him if this smooth operator needs a ride.

Reverse the situation: A skirt chaser is cruising in his car and asks a girl if she needs a ride. She’ll probably say no. But Stirling is desirous and willing, and this woman chaser knows the opportunity of a lifetime when that fellow sees it.

“Yeah, sure,” he says, and this chab hops into Brandii’s car.

“Wanna come back to my place?” Brandii asks. “Let’s go have some fun.”

“This is my favourable day,” that gent says. “Holy shit!”

Damn right it’s his fortunate day. When they get back to Brandii’s place, this hawt Mom sucks his ramrod then bonks it every which way until Stirling can’t hold back and shoots his cum in her throat. It oozes down her chin and onto her chest.

40SOMETHING: What kind of sex do u like?

BRANDII: I adore sex obscene and fast. I like it from behind. Doggie is my beloved position. I love it wet.

40SOMETHING: Do u identify that lots of juvenile hot men hit on you?

BRANDII: Definitely. I get hit on all the time by younger hawt boy. They can never make no doubt of my age. When they do know my age, it is a turn-on for ’em. They’re love, “Wow, an older female-dominant. Somebody with experience.”

40SOMETHING: How do they approach u? What are some of the pick-up lines they use?

BRANDII: If I am at the bar, they’ll give me eye contact, come over and say I’ve a nice smile. It just goes from there. They’ll ask my age, and one time they know I’m mature, it goes to a complete other level from there.

40SOMETHING: So what do u do one time they hit on u?

BRANDII: I like to take ’em home to my place.

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