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Bethany Benz

Bethany Benz Bethany Benz
Bethany Benz @
It is tough being an entrepreneur. Even after the rigid work and long hours, there’s no guarantee you’ll ever be successful. And if u don’t have what it takes to receive a loan from the bank, you go to the streets for your cash. That is what Bethany Benz had to do, and even after all that work and all these customers, she’s still having a tough time repaying The Guy. That is why that babe is getting the shake-down from the two gangsters who are either gonna turn her beauty salon upside down…or get paid a little interest until Bethany can come up with the cash. The "interest", certainly, is getting to stick their white thug meat into any of Bethany’s holes…even if it is at the same time.
Bethany Benz Bethany Benz
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