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Azure Dee’s anal toy show

Azure Dee’s anal toy show

Azure Dee's anal toy show

“I like being in front of people with next to nothing on,” said Azure Dee, a 56-year-old divorcee from Idaho. “I always had that adventurous sense of wanting to get caught doing things in public places.”

Does count as a public place? After all, thousands and thousands of people are going to see these photos, just as they’ve seen her sucking cock and getting ass-fucked. We think it does.

“I’ve always been an exhibitionist,” said Azure, who’s a mother and grandmother. “Knowing all you guys are watching me do these naughty things gets me very wet.”

It doesn’t take long for Azure to get going. Almost from the start, she’s rubbing and fingering her pussy, and then she takes out a dildo and fucks her pussy with it. And do you know what else she fucks with that dildo? Her tight ass.

“I really love anal sex,” she said.

Azure, we can tell.

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