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Angela Harley – Ride on, Angela!

Ride on, Angela!

Ride on, Angela!

“I’m a Harley Davidson freak,” told Angela Harley, a hot HORNY HOUSEWIFE golden-haired from Miami, Florida. Angela likes to ride. “I adore the vibration.”

We have seen Angela screwing a BBC. Now we must watch this sexy divorcee by herself with nothing obstructing the view of her sexy holes.

“I feel comfortable in front of a camera and I adore lads watching me having sex and masturbating. I adore to please lads. I get joy from giving pleasure.”

Angela is a Mamma. This babe enjoys riding and being ridden.

“I love hopping on the back of a guy’s chopper and holding on for the ride. The vibration and the bumps always get my wet crack luscious, and then when the ride is over, I’m willing to ride my dude.”

But Angela can be the driver, likewise, and if you’re her passenger, hold on for a wild ride!

“I like speed in anything I do, whether it is cars or motorcycles, even sex. I know a lot of women adore it slow and passionate, but I love when a Lothario licks my cunt really fast and receives me off in a hurry and I adore being rogered stiff and fast.”

Angela is not coy.

“Not at all,” she told. “I’ll go out to the mall in short shorts that barely cover my wazoo, and u know how some gals wear short shorts and are constantly tugging on the hem to cover their gazoo cheeks? I couldn’t at any time understand the point of that. Why would you wear shorts that show your wazoo cheeks if u do not want to unveil your wazoo cheeks? I’m more likely to hike my shorts up so I can expose more gazoo cheek. That’s what u lads wish to watch, right?”


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