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Amilian Kush

Amilian Kush Amilian Kush
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Amilian Kush and her hubby-to-be have just moved into their new home, and for the past week have been renovating the entire place. Fresh floors. Fresh paint. And repairs galore! It is a "fixer-upper", and that’s what they’ve been doing. While her finace is at work, Amilian’s been supervising the 2-man work employees. They’re great, and Amilian’s developed a crush on the two. She’s likewise concerned, just like anyone who’s about to marry would be: this is the final person I’m intend to have sex with. So, like any nice whore, she’s plan to try and "sew her wild oats" before her Big Day! Amilian’s out inspecting the finishing touches the 2 have put on her back yard fountain when it all goes down. A effortless conversation turns into a menage-a-trois, turning a bride-to-be into a world class cheater. Those two take turns screwing her skull and snatch previous to dropping 2 astronomical loads all over her charming, ebony face! Oh, and the fountain got fixed, too…right previous to her fellow got home!
Amilian Kush Amilian Kush
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