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Adriana Maya & Gia Vendetti

Adriana Maya & Gia Vendetti Adriana Maya & Gia Vendetti
Adriana Maya & Gia Vendetti @
Gia and Adriana are dangling out, just having a smoke, when Cyrus, Adrianas maturer brothers friend pulls up in a gorgeous expensive Benz. Hes supposed to have some kind of meeting with him, but hes nowhere to be discovered. Probably off making deals somewhere. Gia can’t believe how hawt Cyrus is, and is even more shocked that Adriana has at no time screwed around with him in all the years hes been around her family. A tall, sexy, ripped lad with shoulders like that? Gia tells her that if that babe desires to miss out on that hot white lad, thats up to her, but that Gia isnt intend to waste one more second contemplating around. This babe hits on Cyrus and annoyed, Adriana leaves ’em alone solely to come back to Gia blowing Cyrus by his car. Adriana is furious! What if her Mother had come home?!! That babe drags the two inside to yell at ’em some more but can not get the image of Cyrus colossal pink pecker out of her mind or of Gias face, all slobbery and gagging. It turned her on. This babe tells him to take his jock back out so this babe can watch it anew. They both commence mouthing on the long pipe, their glamorous faces dripping up and down his curved shaft. They screw, going back and forth taking turns with his bigger in size than average dick and in the end, Cyrus sprays the giggly gals with his hawt load.
Adriana Maya & Gia Vendetti Adriana Maya & Gia Vendetti
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