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Adria – A Personal Thanks

A Personal Thank’s

A Personal Thanks

Even though you guys have watched photos of this handsome gal in advance of, things have changed for Adria. When we first spoke with her, that babe was a stupid young cutie who played golf on her high-school team and liked fooling around with her allies and their boyfriends. Now this babe has taken our images and put jointly a glamour modeling portfolio for herself, using it to search a career in California. We normally try to merely bring girls into our studio one time coz this is, after all, an non-professional web site focusing on newbies, but u lads asked for an update on Adria.

Adria, 18, was thrilled to hear from us, and this babe asked us to pass along this message to you boys. “I’m having the time of my life in Cali! I’ve met so many nifty people, and I’m banging tons of them! My life is so perfect right now. Thanks for helping me out! Getting my pics and movies out there helped me receive an agent, and now I can shoot (and bonk) glamorous much anybody I wanna.”

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