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Shayne St. Lucia – Boning on the Balcony

Boning on the Balcony

Boning on the Balcony

Shayne leaves her wholesome Wisconsin roots behind to receive nasty in Miami. It was the sensible thing to do coz a body like hers looks much more amazing in a bikini than a blizzard-safe coat. Just love her throat looks much more worthwhile with a dick in it than with out. She knows this, and that is why she dives to inhale this pecker the second this babe sees it. The favour is returned on her delicious-looking cum-hole, with her fuck-buddy lapping her slit and flicking her clitoris ring with his tongue. And u can just tell by her sexy body and bitch face that the fucking is plan to be priceless. We’re talking grunting, creamy, skin-slapping sex while hanging over the balcony for the entire world to watch. The kewl breeze on your face and Shayne’s sexy snatch sliding on your wang…is there anything better?

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Aurora Monroe – She’s really pissed!

She’s truly made water!

She's indeed pissed!

Lives: Chicago, Illinois; Occupation: Typist; Age: 20; Born: December 29; Ht: 5’2″; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Vic’s Secret Cheekys; Anal: I’m no butt-virgin; BJs: Mostly swallow; Diddle: At least once a week.

“My hubby took those images with my digital camera for us to savour,” told Aurora. “Then my friend’s hubby who works with him casually remarked one night, ‘Geez, chick, that Aurora’s got one helluva cunt!’ It appears to be my lady-killer emailed some of the explicit pictures to himself, printed them out, and was showing ’em around. I was truly made water, but never constrained. Now, I wish to be in Wicked Neighbors and on the site. It will be gripping to watch myself. When I receive the issue I am in, I am plan to FedEx it to him at work, out of a note. When this ladies man reads the copy, he’ll identify that this lady-killer is on secret probation whilst I am deciding whether or not to dump his gazoo. Till then, I’ll act like nothing’s happened.”

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Leanne Crow – Get Fit With Leanne

Receive Fit With Leanne

Get Fit With Leanne

U watch these pix of Leanne Crow working out and it appears to be extraordinary that that babe was a late bloomer, that that babe indeed rammed her brassiere to look bustier. “I didn’t develop until I was around 16 years aged and then it was adore they grew overnight,” Leanne said. Twenty one years of SCORE and Curvy adult models are archived at SCORELAND and her belting super-body got Leanne into the Top Ten in the “20 For 20” contest. It only dramatizes how uncommon a body adore hers is.

Thousands of honey bunnys pay greater than standard specie to have boobs adore Leanne but they won’t at all reach the a 34H-cupper perfection that nature endowed her with. After the work-out, Leanne checks herself out in a full-length mirror and then she’s off for a cooling shower that hardens her teats.

Investigate pics 37, Thirty eight and Thirty nine for tits-on-glass squishing and then a few parting shots by the sexy tub. It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it.

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Phoenix Skye – Phoenix wants a creampie

Phoenix desires a creampie

Phoenix desires a creampie

Some people see their retirement as a time for relaxation and leisure. They urge to take it facile, play golf, maybe pick up a recent hobby. But not Phoenix. For this 64-year-old divorcee, retirement means more time to engulf and bonk all day long. It means getting to explore all the kinky things she missed out on in her younger years. It means coming into our studio and getting screwed in front of a digital camera.

“My nipples are always rock hard and very sensitive,” Phoenix said. “I made myself cum on the plane trip from Dallas to Florida. The boy sitting next to me did not even know what I was doing. I just brushed my nipples against the book I was reading and came quietly.”

And here this babe cums again, this time taking control of the situation and telling her fellow exactly what she urges.

“I adore being confident at times and being compliant at others,” Phoenix said. “I can be a romantic and I can be very naughty, also. One time, my husband took me out for a good dinner with wine, then this man took me into an alley and fucked me. I am sure people saw us, but that made it even more precious.”

People are seeing her here, taking a creampie in her mature slit.

“That definitely makes it better.”

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Ultimate



This SCORE Classic time warps to the first hardcore clip that English superstar Linsey Dawn McKenzie made with her fresh hubby. Sadly, the marriage did not last but this XXX scene did and was a stupendous hit on DVD (Utmost Linsey) when it first took a bow. It was especially popular in the UK where Linsey rules.

Linsey was nervous about this on-camera virgin journey because she did not know what kind of effect it would have on her career and Linsey has always been mindful about how her fans react. It took a ages for her to make a decision to go hardcore. But the almost any of them enjoyed seeing her mouthing and fucking her hub’s large penis during the time that her world-famous HH-cup pantoons dangled and swayed.

Always candid, Linsey admitted she was “Scared, cuz lots of things were channeling throughout my mind. Things adore, ‘Oh my God, this is it. I am finished. Say goodbye to my career.’ It’s very nerve wracking. ‘Will they think I’m fine? Am I going to let everybody down?’ Those were some of the things going throughout my head. But it went well. At least I think it did.”

Sixteen years after she initially appeared, LDM finished No. 1 in SCORE magazine’s “20 for 20” issue (June ’12) and No. 1 by a wide margin in SCORELAND‘s “20 for Twenty.” Both magazine readers and SCORELAND members assented for the majority part although there were the usual dissenters.

“I can watch how Linsey got the #1 spot on this list.” wrote jrgmz. “She was really the reason I 1st discovered out about SCORE & Curvacious. I remember going into a liquor store back in 2000 and seeing her on the cover of January 2000 Shapely, that was the beginning of a lifelong obsession with Linsey, SCORE & Shapely.” Many have shared that obsession.

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Ashleigh – “Would you lick my hairy twat?”

“Would u take up with the tongue my bushy muff?”

Lives: London, Britain; Occupation: Receptionist; Age: Twenty eight; Born: September 4; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 135 lbs.; Bras: 36C; Panties: Only black lace; Anal: Have joy it more each time; BJs: Swallow; Diddle: Not very often.

Ashleigh always dresses to attract attention when she’s in public, and her husband loves watching chaps checking her out. “But, more than anything else, that chap can’t live out of my hirsute cookie,” Ashleigh told. “When we started dating, mine was the first hairy snatch my gent had encountered. But that 1st night, he licked me out for long time before we got into shagging. I have by no means been bare down there and I had gotten mixed reactions from other blokes I would taken to bed. I would even had a pair acquire up and leave when they saw my bush. It was fabulous to be accepted just as I was.” Detect out the episode, too.

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Nikki Tigre – Great Fuckin’ Hospitality!

Great Fuckin’ Hospitality!

Great Fuckin' Hospitality!

So your buddy invites u over on a Sunday afternoon to check out the big game. U boyz make a decision that some cold brews would be fine, so he goes out to buy some and leaves you with the remote. You are sat there minding your own business when his horny sister walks in-half dressed-and makes her intentions clear: This babe urges some action with your shlong. Would u go for cookie over pigskin? Hey, you can get game highlights on SportsCenter, but an nutty cock-sucking and a fine rogering from a constricted legal age teenager only comes in the here and now.

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Kaytee Carter – The Hot Chick Show

The Hot Honey bunny Flaunt

The Hot Vixen Show

“Where have all the fine big-boobed girl-girls gone?” is a question often asked by browsers and movie watchers. Girl-girls with clit-lapping and pussy-licking, as well as toys and strap-ons, were all the rage when cuties like Brittany Love, Dawn Stone, Autumn-Jade, Danni Ashe and Cindy Cupps were active. These days, not so much. The last girl on girl at SCORELAND was Sheridan Adore and Charlee Seek two years ago.

This scene is different than almost all girl-girls cuz Destiny Rose and Kaytee Carter are being viewed by a boy, John, as they enjoyment every other. They begin with ardent, deep kissing and swapping tongues. They lazily undress down to their briefs and lick and suck each other’s areolas.

Kaytee, the more aggressive of the 2, guides Destiny, placing her on the daybed to kiss her all over her body, engulf on her king-size 36DDD boobs anew and then to head south to Destiny’s pink, vigorously tongueing her clit and pussy-hole. Destiny loses control, writhing and groaning and playing with her nipples as Kaytee’s tongue, and then fingers, work their magic tricks on Destiny’s engorged rosebud until Destiny explodes.

Barmy to repay the compliment, Destiny has Kaytee receive on her back so the cornfed redhead can engulf Kaytee’s areolas and lick and finger her pleasing seize. She wishes Kaytee to cum and cum rock hard.

Kaytee takes Destiny’s hand and guides Destiny’s fingers, the fingers that are succulent from Kaytee’s own cum-hole juices, into her mouth to suck and lick. Destiny is in awe as Kaytee tastes Destiny’s fingers and can not aid but to examine Kaytee’s breathtaking body another time in advance of they part company. One as well as the other cuties are flushed from their mutual orgasms. They have gone from giving John a unveil to total ecstasy.

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Brittany Kendall – Massage Therapy

Rubdown Therapy

Massage Therapy

Brittany Kendall is a apprentice cookie from San Diego, California and if she looks adore a pink and blond beach bunny, it is coz she’s. This is Brittany’s first time on-camera and she’s losing her episode virginity right away coz many of today’s newbies go right for the 10-Pounder instead of beginning with striptease or masturbation clips.

Brittany could use some macho TLC to bust her stress out. Tony is always willing for the task of making curvaceous young flowers feel nice and relaxed. His massaging hands work on her supple body as that babe lies supine on her belly. The unfathomable tissue work that charmer plans to use on Brittany will be very unfathomable truly.

Tony works on her arse first, using liberal amounts of baby oil, then has the fair-skinned honey flip over so that chap can lay his hands on her juicy frontal acreage. Brittany’s 36FF zeppelins obviously need careful attention and massaging 1st. Those babies could use a valuable manhandling.

His breast work and nipple manipulation tweak Brittany’s nipples to three times their size as the stimulation does its magic. Instead of removing Brittany’s white, sheer panties, Tony simply rips the gauzy material apart to reveal Brittany’s sexy, shaven cum-hole. She’s only 22 years-old and her taco looks very new, clean and pink. That babe is ready to have a tongue-tune played on it 1st in advance of she plays his skin-flute. While Tony is licking with tongue her out, Brittany plays with her big mammaries.

Tony comes around the rub-down table and lowers his pants. Brittany turns on her side and takes his man-horn in her mouth to suck on. Brittany may be a pleasant youthful thing but she is obviously sucked a man’s prick before judging by how well that babe does it. That babe blows him beautifully and now after her face-fucking, it is time to penetrate her snatch with cock.

Watch as this blond doll’s pink pussy is filled and screwed by the hard pipe for the 1st time on-camera! There are a not many moments during the sexing when Brittany looks directly into the lens with a “I can’t believe I am getting screwed on camera” expression.

Everybody can’t live without seeing a monster titted blonde honey fucked, sucked and breast-banged. Brittany’s innocent-looking doll-like face makes it extra-thrilling.

Please welcome this recent newcomer to SCORE‘s large top of tantalizing titillators.

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Jesia – She enjoys looking aloof

She enjoys looking aloof

She enjoys looking aloof

Lives: London, UK; Occupation: Social sciences pupil; Age: Eighteen; Born: March 14; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 121 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Bright, lacy briefs; Anal: Not with each bloke; BJs: Mostly spit; Diddle: When I wake up.

“I loved posing for these pix,” said Jesia. “The aloof look is part of my regular action. Behind that disinterested face is an always-randy beauty just expecting to be released. Fact is, I am so into sex that it is interfering with my studies because I’d rather be studying a bloke’s weiner than a book. I am very passive and I adore for the bloke to take control and tell me what to do. I merely cum one time when I’m screwing, but the longer we do it, the stronger my orgasm will be. I groan and shriek and shake a lot, then twitch for a not many minutes. Then I’ll be begging the bloke to do it again.”

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Saige Aeryne – Neighborly Love

Neighborly Adore

Neighborly Love

The hunt for arse not at any time ends and our two pussyhounds have discovered a piece of new meat named Saige. She is a taut party angel who lives in the same building as they do and that babe craves to need to know her neighbors. What more wondrous way to do that than to engulf your fella tenant’s cock? Saige starts at the bottom and wets his penis from balls to head with her tongue. She can’t live out of giving blow jobs and it reveals. She’s not passive when it comes to sex either. You do not screw Saige, Saige shags you. She’s got the moves and she is not afraid to use ’em, using her legs and wazoo to bob on your 10-Pounder as fast and stiff as that babe can. Her cum-hole gets so wet you can hear the wetness as the wang slides in and out. And topmost of all, she craves you to finish with your hawt load all over her perspired face.

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Stormy Lynne – Stormy Lynne’s shocking little porno

Stormy Lynne’s shocking little porno

Stormy Lynne's shocking little porno

The final time we saw Stormy Lynne, that babe told us, “My family would be aghast if they saw me here. The people back home in Cincinnati wouldn’t make no doubt of what they were seeing!”

Well, if they would not believe Stormy Lynne’s spread-pussy shots and the clip in which this babe copulates the cabana woman chaser, they’re plan to have a complete lot of bother believing this one: Stormy Lynne, dressed in the ideal fuck-toy outfit of bra, hot briefs, stockings and a garter, receives rogered each which way by a pro porn charmer and ends up with her face overspread in cum.

Stormy is a 46-year-old divorcee who lives in Hollywood, California. This babe measures 34DD-24-33 and checks in at 5’6″, 114 pounds, which is really tiny.

“You can pick me up and shag me,” she said.

Is that a statement of fact or an offer?

Either way, Stormy said us that babe loves bad-boy bikers, would like to go skydiving and is a swinger. She used to be an executive assistant for her family’s property management company. Now that babe is doing this.

“It’s much more joy,” this babe told.

We can tell.

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