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Rachel Steele – Steel for Steele

Metallic for Steele

Steel for Steele

“It all started with a hot picture by the pool that a friend submitted to an dilettante voyeur website,” said Rachel Steele, who turned Fifty last October. “The picture won first prize, and nothing’s been the same since.”

Rachel was purely going solo when she made her debut in 2006. Since then, that babe is dived head-first (or cunt 1st?) into hardcore and has become one of the top SEXY HOUSEWIFE porno stars in the world. That babe has even been a recruiter of angels for and So she’s the kind of cutie we love to have around.

Of course, any lady with a body, face and sex skills like Rachel’s we wanna have around. Born in Maine, now living in Tampa, Florida, Rachel is 5’6″, 140 pounds and measures a very amazing 34F-28-36. Take that, 21-year-olds! She enjoys skiing and yoga (and can be observed blowing a lad in a yoga studio at, and although that babe isn’t a swinger, she said us, “I have plenty of one-nighters.”

As many as that babe wishes, we’re guessing. What happens when males see Rachel? Their dicks turn to iron for Steele.

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Nina – Her first dirty weekend

Her 1st obscene weekend

Her first impure weekend

Lives: Montreal, Canada; Occupation: Store clerk; Age: 22; Born: May 6; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 118 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Merely knickers; Anal: Sure; BJs: Mostly gulp; Diddle: Sure.

“These images are from my first impure weekend,” said Nina. “One of the salesmen who comes into the store where I work took me to Niagara Falls. We always flirt when he comes in and I’d had several lunches and after-work drinks with him in advance of that charmer asked me to go away with him. Yes, he’s married, but I don’t care about that. This chab is a great man and this lady-killer is nice-looking in sofa. We spent majority of the time bare in our room and rogered a whole lot and I had more orgasms than I can count! It was the finest sex I have ever had. I hope I can get more of it.”

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Ria Sakuragi – East Meets Breast

East Meets Breast

East Meets Breast

Ria Sakuragi is a beauty from Japan. That babe doesn’t speak English but the banana she is crushing between her bigger in size than average whoppers doesn’t care.

Ria is very skinny so to have mammaries this naturally large is very weird. She’s not as Big-Boob as Hitomi but she’s gracious in her own right. Her areolae are oval shaped and very dark brown with brunette hair nipps. They are very pliable. Ria can bring the areolas up to her face hole and take up with the tongue ’em. From the sounds that babe makes during the time that that babe plays with ’em, they need to be extra-sensitive to the touch.

Ria is new at SCORE and was photographed in Japan so we have never had the fun of indeed collision her love we did Hitomi in Mexico. We’ve been told by our correspondents that she is a fun loving girl-next-door sort with an blow job fixation. Ria appears to be love the sort who’d put out on the 1st date. During the time that there’s no corroboration to support this hypothesis, it would be interesting to test it. The merely drawback would be the long commute from Miami.

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Destiny Williams – Your destiny is to jack to Destiny

Your destiny is to jack to Destiny

Your destiny is to jack to Destiny

“Knowing that people are watching me, imagining that they are banging me, is hot,” told Destiny Williams, a rookie (and wife) from what she calls “Lower, Slower Delaware.” “I think about them getting aroused watching me, and that makes it even hotter. I was a dancer on and off for about 20 years, which almost all people I know still don’t know about. I was also a teacher until a scarcely any years ago. But now I am revealing the real me!”

Destiny identified out about 40something when she saw it at an adult book store.

“The cover was sexy! I indeed liked the quality of the pix and I thought I’d be a admirable fit, so I contacted u through the site. I loved doing my 1st screw scene. I got my legs all the way up, and this chab put his penis in my love tunnel. It was truly large and thick. Then that charmer rogered me so hard, he was hammering away at my poor, little snatch. I could feel his pecker getting even harder and I knew this stud was plan to explode. And he did! He came inside my pussy! It was so naughty and gripping!”

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Marketa – Breastfest Is Served

Breastfest Is Served

Breastfest Is Served

Shapely shag doll Marketa is just trying to do her washing when that babe gets tackled by her excited ladies man ally in this SCORE Classic. This stud sees her big meatballs and goes nuts. The kitchen floor is a little hard on Marketa’s arse to bonk on but this babe is got a plush enough a-hole to handle it. Marketa especially savors the reverse cowgirl position. That babe likewise likes getting screwed rigid and those Czech men have the subrigid tools for the proper job.

As we’ve seen time and time afresh, those Euro dolls have a natural, earthy, raw way when it comes to sex on-camera. Their naturalistic and relaxed attitude and approach to porn is very unlike the Porn Valley, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA approach to porn which is often brittle and mechanical.

When Marketa was asked what kind of brute this babe would be if she were an animal, this babe said she’d be a snake, slithering around the bedroom, between the sheets, on the floor. In Japan, calling a woman a snake is a compliment. In the west, it would be an insult. If given the chance, majority men would be barmy to take a bite of Marketa’s apple if that babe offered it to them. You have got to adore a gal whose prefered hobby is sleeping. That means lots of time in couch.

We don’t know what big-boobed Marketa (Big boobed Euro Maids) is up to those days but she’s due for a retrospective as one of the great Czech porn stars of the 2000’s.

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Lexi Leigh – A learning experience

A learning experience

A learning experience

Lives: Orlando, Florida; Occupation: Marketing first-year student; Age: Nineteen; Born: November 10; Ht: 5’1″; Wt: 103 pounds; Anal: Just a finger for now; BJs: I try to swallow it all; Diddle: 2-3 nights a week.

“I’ve solely been with two guys–boys really–and neither of them knew much more about banging than me,” told lexi. “In fact, I am sure I’d done much more online research and stuff than ’em. It was me who got them to do me from behind cuz they one as well as the other just wanted to climb on top, group-sex me and cum. One time I would checked out naughtymag, I got the idea of having a session with a gent to investigate how a adept copulates so I’ve more knowledge about what to try and what I adore when I shag other dudes in the future.

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Jayden Pierson – Dressed To Fuck

Clothed To Shag

Dressed To Fuck

Jayden knows what she’s doing. A hotty doesn’t go out in a short tartan skirt and fuck-me boots and not wait to get any attention. But it is all part of her plan. “I masturbate each day, but I need the real thing, too. If u don’t make almost certainly of how amorous I’m, I skipped school just so I could try to find sex! Usually I rub one out 1st thing in the morning, but today I was adore, ‘Fuck it. I am plan to acquire some cock.’ So I put on my sexy schoolgirl outfit to make the hunt a little easier. My muff was so moist while I was awaiting around on that bench that I was willing to copulate the first ladies man who came up to me. It was merely minutes in advance of some ladies man pulled up and offered me a ride. I not quite came right there coz I was so wanton.”

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Maggie Green – Who’s The Boss?

Who’s The Boss?

Who's The Boss?

Maggie Green is back and acquires her hardest shag yet when that babe meets J Mac. This chab exposes Maggie who the boss is in this hawt and perspired match, the first time these two have hooked-up.

When Maggie initially debuted at SCORE in 2009, this babe at no time even circled the subject of sex in conversation. Now talking about it is merely the starting previous to that babe has it on-camera. This babe held back from absolutely joining in with Angela White in their three-way romp.

She holds back no more.

“I’m buff for tit-fucking,” Maggie admits, and that’s the topmost truth. This babe gets tons of that here. “I love to do it. It’s one of these things that at 1st, I was love, ‘What the hell?’ but seeing how the charmer truly acquires into it, and I love the noise it makes. It makes a hot noise!”

The brightening in this clip and matching pix is on the moody side with a dark-skinned edge to it. Maggie receives it rougher than she’s gotten it in her three previous SCORE scenes. It is a game of domination and submission and the name of the game is total male control.

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Alix Lakehurst – Alix In The VIP Room

Alix In The VIP Room

Alix In The VIP Room

Sexy dancer Alix Lakehust at the Big Beauty Exotic dancing club is popular with the boys. Very popular indeed. A customer at the exotic dancing club has been watching the well-cushioned exotic dancer all night and is ready to douse his hard cock with the contents of a fire extinguisher. This Lothario can not take much more of her bigger than typical, shaking love muffins and grinding a-hole and his pants are on fire.

After her unveil, Alix has no bother talking him into a intimate sofa dance in the VIP Room. Alix grinds her chubby wazoo against his tent post, giving him a gogo dance that he’ll wanna try again and one time more. Alix is also fine, however, and this chab is got a hard-on that will not soften.

Their intimate dance gets carried away. Alix has given her customers a copulate previous to and she’s in the mood now for a fresh one. Strippers get slutty likewise. He starts dry-humping Alix and squeezing her overweight milk shakes, fondelling her nipps and enjoying her face-warmers. She blows him down, sucking his balls, jerking his shaft and squeezing her jiggling jugs together so that buck can tit-fuck her.

The bouncers outside the door are oblivious to what is going on in the VIP Room and the sounds of a screwing pair are drowned out by the music. They wouldn’t care in any case. Her customer drops trouser and starts rogering Alix on the daybed.

Alix is well-trained in the art of pole-dancing and after the titty-swinging brunette rides his pole love a Pogo Stick, this man slides his schlong deep into her vagina. Then they move to the ottoman so this chab can screw her on her back. This skillful gogo dancer is an able in male satisfaction and cum removal! Alix Lakehurst is truly one of Chicago’s superlatively good.

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Stacie Starr – “I know we just met, but would you fuck my ass?”

“I know we just met, but would u shag my booty?”

When we asked 41-year-old Stacie Starr if she likes anal invasion, that babe told, “Yes, but I love most of all it and relish it more when I am in a monogamous relationship.”

Well, we must report that Stacie and the lad who’s rogering her wazoo in those photos met about 10 minutes in advance of the scene started. As far as we know, thet have not watched every other one time since this dude fucked her butt and came all over her marvelous face. And yet, when we asked Stacie if she enjoyed getting ass-fucked by a complete and total stranger, this babe said, “Fuck, yes! I loved it!” You’ll hear how much that babe loved it when you watch the video.

Stacie grew up in upstate Fresh York and lives in Florida. This babe has worked as a customer service manager, but that babe wishes to be a porno star. The 1st time this babe was here, this babe told us, “I’m orally infatuated. I adore to engulf penis. I have fun light thraldom and hair-pulling. I love having my booty spanked. I adore choking on dick.”

She likewise told us this babe has a 19-year-old son who drove her to the airport for her 1st discharge. And guess what? This smooth operator drove her to the airport afresh for her ass-fucking! Now that’s what we call family values!

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Kara Novak – Christening Kara’s Condo

Christening Kara’s Condo

Christening Kara's Condo

Kara is slutty about having moved into a recent condo. Her ladies man is concupiscent. She desires to put up curtains and tidy the place. He craves to christen it. That babe tells him to focus on tidying up. This chab says that man is focused…on getting some. A little bit of cookie fingering below her shorts and a hardly any well-placed kisses from her concupiscent guy convince Kara that, perhaps, they can take a short break. To acquire her in the mood, her fellow pulls down her shorts and knickers and does a little eating at the Y. So Kara says “screw the chores…screw me!” They disrobe, that babe licks and sucks his prick and they get to rogering on the sofa and beyond.

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Ruthie Hays – She’s a dirty gal!

She’s a obscene hotty!

She's a dirty gal!

Lives: Des Moines, Iowa; Occupation: Housewife; Age: 47; Born: December 7; Ht: 5’9″; Wt: 135 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Rarely wear any; Anal: Totally; BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: Like my toys.

“I love to suit in short skirts and what my partner calls ‘titty tops’ when I’m out in public, so males will notice my nipps,” said Ruthie. “I was a virgin untill I was Twenty four, but I haven’t stopped looking for knob since. My ladies man knows I play around but it doesn’t a predicament him. I have banged a youthful man I just met in the family restroom at the local mall, and I’ve sucked a guy’s weenie between two trucks at a lorry stop. My wildest experience? That would be a no-holes-barred fuckfest with 3 other couples. I’d love to take part in a a gang bang bukkake session with, like, 20 boyz and end up covered in hot cream. So, I think I am cougarlicious…right?”

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